Because You Can Never Have Too Many Websites

I have a slight bit of the madness.

For those of you who don’t know me let me give you a quick summary of myself. I’m a musician/writer/artist/perform/filmmaker… or basically, I like to make art. The way I see it, each piece of art tells a story and the medium I choose for that story is just as important as the story itself.

Professionally, that presents certain problems — one of which being that creating a website to encompass all of that in a comprehensive way.

Tried that. Didn’t work.

Instead I have a portal page at which originally linked to four sub-domain sites for music, writing, visual art, and performance/film — so now we’re up to five sites (including the portal page). Afterwards, I realized I would need to make a sixth sub-domain for a store where I could sell everything I produce.

That was all fine-and-well but it left me without a more personal space to do even more of whatever the hell I wanted… which brings me to this current page: my blog. I’ll probably share more personal stories along with any professional tips and tricks here. It’s kind of a catch all and way more informal.